Monday, January 16, 2012

This will be a sign of times to come. I have started to hold myself accountable for not maintaining my blog or challenging myself enough with my photography. Over the last few weeks I have signed up a night drawing class at the Alberta College of Art and have started to schedule photo shoots over the next couple of weeks. I have realized that this is what has been missing in my day to day activities. It is important to me to be around Art and other artistic people.
The shot today is from a road to Kelowna in October. While on the long drive home to Calgary, after all the passengers in the car, other than myself had ran in the Kelowna Marathon and half Marathon; we took a short car break at the Enchanted Forest. Not wanting to pay the outrageous entrance fee we had some laughs in the parking lot. This shot represents so much of what I love about photography, it has frozen a moment in time that would have easily been over looked at the time. Now that moment is romanticized and never forgotten.